Trauma Counselling

If you’re finding yourself struggling with ongoing strong emotional or physical reactions following experience of a traumatic event or a traumatic event from your past, it may help to speak to someone with experience in trauma counselling. Dr Adeline Lee is a clinical psychologist providing evidence based therapies and counselling services to people struggling to move beyond difficult or traumatic events.

Traumatic events can include but are not limited to acts of violence or natural disasters. More commonly in the community, people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – a clinical condition that may develop following exposure to a traumatic event report having experienced or witnessed interpersonal violence (such as sexual assault, child abuse or childhood trauma, suicide of a family member or friend), a motor vehicle or workplace accident as well as other less severe but still psychologically stressful situations.

It is not unusual to have strong reactions following a traumatic event, these reactions generally will subside over a few days or weeks. However, for some the symptoms may last longer and be more severe. For others, symptoms of PTSD which includes emotional distress such as anxiety or depression may not emerge until much later.

Supporting you through this difficult time

Although it is natural to have strong reactions following a traumatic event, it is important to seek professional support if the symptoms last longer, becomes more severe, or if you find yourself much later after the traumatic event experiencing difficulties which seem out of the blue. Adeline has extensive experience in helping individuals address trauma in their own lives, and utilises a range of evidence based psychological approaches to assist you to begin to move beyond traumatic experiences.

She has training in EMDR trauma counselling and trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy, which can help people process the traumatic events underlying their current difficulties in a way that allows them to live a valued life. She has supported people of different ages and with various experiences of trauma from those with specific traumatic events to others with ongoing experiences of trauma beginning in childhood. Adeline has also conducted numerous research in the area of interpersonal and childhood trauma. Whether the event is fresh in your mind or what troubled you happened far back in your history, Adeline is equipped to help you.

Discuss your situation

Adeline aims to help people better understand themselves, allowing them to confront or accept and move past the issues that stops them from leading the life they want. Based in Caulfield, she has a range of clients across Melbourne’s southeast, and is ready to help you. Send her a message today via email at or through our enquiry page, or call her directly on (03) 9079 7936 to start a conversation.

Dr Adeline Lee

Dr Adeline Lee

Clinical Psychologist