A Mindful Movement Yoga Teacher & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Adeline Lee is a Clinical Psychologist and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Yoga Alliance® who provides secular general yoga for wellness to more specialized mindful movement yoga and trauma informed yoga to individuals, private small groups or in closed group settings.

If you have tried sitting mindfulness meditations and have found that challenging, instead of giving up, Adeline encourages you to try her mindful movement yoga sessions. You can choose between individual or private group sessions or the closed trauma informed group sessions that she offers. Connect with Adeline today on (03) 9079 7936 or email her at contact@dradelinelee.com to discuss a tailored holistic treatment established in evidence-based practice that suits your needs.

Mind-Body Connection

Yoga is a multidimensional system that is not just about stretching and strengthening through poses. It consists of breathing exercises, meditation and ethical practices. Yoga is a way of life accessible to all. Adeline is passionate about the mind-body connection and sees her practice of psychology and yoga to be very much interconnected. Her practice promotes mindfulness through awareness of breath, body, and senses to assist and empower you to gain insight through self-observation, self-reflection, acknowledgement and understanding with self-compassion, to then move emotions and thoughts into stillness if this is your choosing.

Adeline has been using mindful movement and trauma informed yoga in conjunction with clinical psychology therapies, especially Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to assist people with developmental trauma, personal trauma, anxiety, depression and general life issues. Research has showed the effectiveness of EMDR and yoga in assisting people to gain a sense of physical safety, insight and self-awareness and assist in recovery from traumatic experiences.

Individual Sessions - Yoga for Wellness, Mindful Movement or Trauma Informed

The individual sessions will give you a one-to-one opportunity to discuss your specific needs with Adeline for her to provide you with the most tailored approach. For example, you may want to learn the foundations of keeping your body safe when doing yoga postures or to develop your own yoga self-practice for your body and concerns, or maybe you want to discuss your physical alignment in yoga postures.

For others, you may want one-to-one mindful movement yoga sessions or trauma informed yoga sessions and to have the comfort of knowing that Adeline is a clinical psychologist with extensive training in treating trauma and other mental health conditions to ensure psychological safety, sensitive care and clinically appropriate boundaries are adhered to during the sessions.

Six weeks program - Trauma Informed Yoga Closed Group

Adeline also runs a mindful movement / trauma informed yoga six weeks closed group program. There are generally six to ten participants per group depending on interest, but no more than ten participants. A closed group consist of the same participants each week providing the advantage of consistency, predictability, cohesion and psychological safety.

Participants will need to commit to attending all six sessions. If you have a valid referral from a general practitioner or a psychiatrist, you will be able to claim a rebate from Medicare provided there are a minimum of six participants.

You will need to complete an intake form and Adeline will speak with you personally to ensure the group program is appropriate for your needs. It is preferable that you have a treating psychologist or mental health worker as the mindful movement / trauma informed yoga group is not a group to discuss trauma.

Begin your yoga journey

Adeline helps people across south-east Melbourne from Malvern to Hampton receive the support they need to start living the life they value. Her Yoga for Wellness, Mindful Movement Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga sessions are competitively priced. Start your yoga journey today by calling Adeline on (03) 9079 7936 or a message through her contact form or via email at contact@dradelinelee.com.

Dr Adeline Lee

Dr Adeline Lee

Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Teacher