Depression Counselling

If things in your life just seem to be getting harder, and you’re struggling to do the things that give your life meaning, take the time to care for yourself. Dr Adeline Lee is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the treatment of depression, helping people to address the risk factors, triggers, thoughts and behaviours that perpetuate symptoms of depression.

Periods of sadness, lowered mood or emptiness can be triggered by stressful life events, long-standing issues or may not seem to have an obvious cause. Sometimes, people may not realise they’re feeling depressed until they experience a recurrence of these feelings for a lengthy period. If you’re struggling with changes in your life or experiencing a loss of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, it could be useful speaking to someone who understands.

Supporting people at every stage of life

Adeline has helped people of various ages with depression to better understand, manage and address the issues and symptoms using specialised forms of psychological intervention, which tend to be more effective than general supportive counselling. Whether something has happened in your life that’s been bringing you down, or you’ve just had recurring periods of intermittent sadness or emptiness over the years, she wants to help.

With experience working across lifespan, and training in child and adult depression counselling, Adeline has provided support for people of all ages overwhelmed by changes in their lives, from adolescents uncertain of their future to adults trying to regain purpose in life. Sometimes, depression can be linked to a traumatic event in your past – in this case, Adeline will use evidence based therapy built around helping you move beyond this event. Depression is not something that can be resolved instantaneously, but Adeline’s goal is to help you begin to understand the condition, so you can begin to address it in a healthy and sustained way.

Speak to someone who understands

Start a conversation with Adeline today. From her Caulfield clinic, she sees people from all walks of life across Malvern and Melbourne’s south east. Contact her on (03) 9079 7936 to speak directly, or send her a message through her contact page or email and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Dr Adeline Lee

Dr Adeline Lee

Clinical Psychologist