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If your child is having social and/or emotional difficulties at home or at school, or if you are struggling to understand the behaviours of your child, it can be useful to discuss your concerns with a clinical psychologist with training and experience working with children, adolescents and families. With a strong understanding of child development and the issues that children, adolescents and families face, Dr Adeline Lee helps children, adolescents, parents and families address a range of problems.

Supporting you and your family

Young children may find it difficult to recognize and tell you when they are experiencing difficulties but may display changes in their behaviours. Some common behavioural changes include sleeping and eating difficulties, increase in irritability, excessive crying, clinging to parents or teachers, withdrawing from people or activities they use to like and complaining about physical pain that have no medical cause. Other children and some teens may tell you their difficulties such as having a lot of fears and doubt or that they’re struggling in some other ways. Addressing your child’s issues now can potentially mitigate chronic anxiety or depression later in life.

Adeline believes that early intervention can lessen the risk of later development of mental health problems and can help children, parents and families enjoy the experience of childhood and raising children. With doctoral level training in child, adolescent and family psychology, Adeline has the background and experience necessary to comprehensively address the difficulties faced by children throughout their stages of development. As they grow and develop, they’ll face different and increasingly complex developmental task, so our sessions are about more than just addressing the current behaviour – they’re about understanding and promoting skills at a young age to provide a strong foundation to carry them into adulthood.

Helping parents build stronger, healthier relationships

It’s not unusual for parents to find themselves struggling to understand their child’s behaviour from time to time. If you are finding the challenges of parenting too much, you are most certainly not alone. If you’re concerned about your child’s behaviours, whether they are meeting their development milestones, or uncertain about the critical developmental task at different stages of your child’s life, it can be useful to speak with an experienced adolescent, family and child psychologist. Adeline uses evidence based parenting approaches to help parents understand and manage children’s behaviour in healthy, nurturing ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.

Discuss your needs with Adeline

From her Caulfield clinic, Adeline helps people across south-east Melbourne from Malvern to Hampton receive the support they need to start living the life they want. Start a conversation today by calling Adeline on (03) 9079 7936 or by sending her a message through her contact form or via email at

Dr Adeline Lee

Dr Adeline Lee

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