Anxiety Counselling

If you’ve had periods of anxiety throughout your life but are recently finding it’s getting too hard to manage, you may benefit from speaking to Dr Adeline Lee, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Often when we reach a new stage of life, the elements that are familiar and comforting can start to change with the increase in responsibilities, pressure and expectations. These life stage transitions can create feelings of uncertainty and we can feel overwhelmed and anxious.Feelings of anxiety can be triggered by specific objects or situations, or may be a symptom of longer-standing issues, stemming from early life experiences. Symptoms of anxiety that arise in childhood if left unresolved can continue to occur over different stages of life and contribute to a constant feeling of anxiety that interferes with one’s life. While the risk factors and triggers that contribute to your feelings of anxiety are unique to you, you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorders diagnosed in Australia and there are a number of effective treatments. Contact Adeline to discuss your feelings, develop an understanding of the potential factors that contribute to your anxiety and work on your specific therapeutic goals.

Helping you overcome obstacles in your life

Adeline has extensive experience helping people identify triggers, understand, accept or make behavioural change to overcome the fears that hold them back from living the life they value. She is trained in anxiety counselling and utilises a range of evidence-based therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness based cognitive therapy. Adeline works with clients of different ages and has a breadth and depth of knowledge that helps a diverse range of people begin to address their anxiety. Anxiety is an area of particular interest to Adeline. She brings a strong body of experience to this area of psychology, and has provided supervision and mentorship to other psychologists working with people struggling with anxiety.

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If you’re struggling with nervousness or anxiety, it can be helpful to discuss these feelings with an experienced clinical psychologist. Based in Caulfield, Adeline helps people across Malvern and the southeast get the help they need. Call today on (03) 9079 7936 or send her an email at and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr Adeline Lee

Dr Adeline Lee

Clinical Psychologist